Today was our first full day in Whakatane. Shakthi and I both agree, so far it seems like an incredible beach town with everything we will need to enjoy ourselves :-). Our apartment is better than we could have hoped for, we have a view of the Whakatane River as well as the ocean, with mountains in the background. We are on the main street (Strand St) with a lot of cute shops, cafes, and restaurants.  Our apartment is above an adorable French bakery where Shakthi already made friends with the owners. We went to a very cool sports shop where we learned how to become scuba certified (which we will be doing soon we hope)! We drove to Ohope Beach which is about 3kms away and it is gorgeous!!!  Light sands, green blue water and no pollution!  And we have discovered some delicious wines. We plan on making it through all 25 of the top wines in NZ. So far we have tried the Dashwood Sauv Blanc from Marlborough 2010  and it is delicious.

We have been enjoying food and drinks at sunset on our balcony in the evenings but it is still a little chilly. Our balcony spans the front of our living room and the master bedroom. Oh and the food here is great!!! We went to this cute cafe named Fig today and the Chicken Brie Gouda and Cranberry sandwich was phenomenal.

We are avoiding heading to the hospital as long as we can, work doesn’t start until Monday so until then our goal is to avoid thinking about work. Although we have started learning some NZ slang, and do NOT use the word fanny if you are in NZ. 🙂


We have finally arrived in Whakatane, NZ!